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PGDM Admission Selection Process

The Admission selection process at ABBS School of Management is for all students who wish to pursue the 2-year fulltime PGDM programme. Selection is based on academic records, interview performance, and aptitude. The results are announced through email to all applications after the committee reviews the application.

Merit list will be announced, or individual admission offer will be made to the qualified candidates only.

Selection Process Centres

Second Cycle of Outstation Admission Selection Process Schedule will be updated shortly

  • For More details contact:-
  • ABBS Office of Admissions
  • Email:
  • Contact Number: 080- 23245520/21, 9141707070
  • Mobile Number: 9663367317
1 BHOPAL HOTEL AMER PALACER,Ram Gopal Maheshwari Marg, Near Hotel Nisarga, Zone-I, Maharana Pratap Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462011 10.03.2019 08.03.2019 10:00 AM
2 HYDERABAD HOTEL MANOHAR,Old Begumpet Airport Exit Road, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 50016 10.03.2019 08.03.2019 10:00 AM
3 PATNA Panache Hotel,West of Ram Gulam Chowk, South Gandhi Maidan, Patna, Bihar - 800001 15.03.2019 13.03.2019 10:00 AM
4 KOLKATA ROTARY SADDAN,94/2, Chowringhee Rd, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020 16.03.2019 14.03.2019 10:00 AM

Application Forms

Online Form

Offline Form


The following tables is a list of scholarships that ABBS School of Management offers to candidates. The scholarships offered are in the form of tuition fee waivers:

Sl. no. Sponsor Category Nos. Tution fee exeption (%) Eligibility
X Std % XII Class % Bachelor Degree % CAT / XAT Percentile MAT Score
1 ABBS Management b) Academic Excellence - Full Merit 3 100 90 90 85 85 >700
1 ABBS Chairman’s a) Chairman’s Scholar 1 50 90 80 70 90 >750
b) Academic Excellence 2 50 90 85 75 80 >675
2 Corporate Merit Based 3 25 75 75 70 70 >650
Beti Padhao 5 25 75 75 70 70 >650
Sports Champion (National level) 2 20 60 60 60 65 >650
Cultural Star 2 20 60 60 60 65 >600
3 ABBS Alumni Association Alumni Scholarship 3 Rs.1,00,000 80 70 60 70 >600
4 Economically backward (EBC) Details may be obtained from office 2 50,000 50 50 60 60 >600

How to apply

Download Scholarship Form

Fill in the scholarship form and submit along with the online application form to:

Terms and Conditions
  • A total of 20 scholarships will be offered, as denoted in the table above.
  • Students applying for Sports Scholarship should have represented at a National / International level sports or at a level recognized by the National sports selection bodies like Badminton Association/Hockey India//Cricket Board etc. The date on the certificate of participation should be within the previous 5 years from the date of the scholarship application.
  • Students applying for Cultural Scholarship should have demonstrated excellence and innovation in any aspect of art and culture or showcased their talent at a State /National event. International level event will be given preference.
  • Beti Padaho Scholarship is applicable to women candidates who have demonstrated academic excellence or have also demonstrated certain skills like creativity, innovation, and excellence in any field that selection committee may consider as valuable to bring diversity in classroom and ABBS campus.
  • Students may apply for multiple categories of scholarships. If the first preference category intake is filled, students will be considered for the subsequent category. However, individual students will be awarded only one scholarship in category beneficial to student. For example, if candidate is eligible in 50% waiver or 20% waiver category, he/she will be given higher waiver.

ABBS Scholarship Committee as per policy will prepare a final merit list for awarding of scholarships. Policy will consider the candidate’s performance in the admission selection process and fulfilment of the eligibility criteria. Those studying in the final year of their bachelor’s degree programme will be granted provisional scholarship, subject to the fulfilment of the eligibility criteria for scholarship as per above eligibility table. The decision of the committee and sponsoring body is final and binding. There is no review/ appeal process as these scholarships are awarded at the pleasure of sponsors and within their laid-out criteria. If suitable candidates are not found in any of the listed categories mentioned in the table, the ABBS Scholarship Committee is free to choose deserving candidates from any other category or choose not to offer any scholarship in that category. Note: All Scholarships:

a. are awarded at the discretion of the ABBS admissions committee;
b. are subject to funding being available;
c. can be associated with, or named after patrons;
d. will not be awarded if it is considered that there is no candidate of sufficient merit.
  • Since the objective of scholarship is towards social cause is to elevate the society, the Scholarships will only be provided to those whose family’s total income is less than 30 lacs per annum.
  • Students may not defer any scholarship as it is for specific program and specific duration/ period.
  • Where a scholarship is awarded ‘for the length of the course’, the duration will be calculated on the basis of the standard course requirements, as specified in the course rules, and/or up to a maximum duration negotiated with the donor as specified in the conditions of the scholarship, if any.
  • The conditions for the continuation of a scholarship for each semester / phased waiver will include a requirement that students must gain a minimum grade of Pass not less than 60% or CGPA of 6 out of 10, in all units in which they were enrolled in the previous study period. Exceptional personal circumstances, supported by documentary evidence, may be taken into consideration if the student has not satisfied this requirement.
In the event that the recipient withdraws from or fails to make satisfactory progress in their course of study, or fails to satisfy other requirements like attendance, discipline for continuation of the scholarship, the balance of the monies otherwise payable to the recipient will either:
  • revert to the fund; or
  • be awarded to the next eligible applicant; in that case
  • The scholarship specific to ABBS where the recipient has enrolled, the scholarship will be discontinued if the recipient no longer studies at that campus or takes transfer to another institute/university.
Note: For further information please call +91 9141707070 or email:


1. What is the PGDM Program?
A. A 2-year autonomous Program which is designed to cater to the needs of contemporary businesses

2. Is the program approved by AICTE?
A. Yes, PGDM is a 2-year full time autonomous program approved by AICTE, New Delhi

3. What is the program fees structure?
A. Fee structures for all the programs can be found here: ABBSSM Fee structures 2019

4. Does the institute provide hostel facility?
A. Yes, ABBS provides hostels for both boys and girls.

5. Are there loan facilities available for the program?
A. Yes, Students can apply to any nationalized Banks for education loan. On confirmation of admissions, ABBS provide a loan letter which assists the student in getting a Bank Loan.

6. What are the accreditation/affiliation bodies?
A. AICTE, New Delhi

7. How is the PGDM different from the MBA Program?
A. PGDM is Dynamic program in which the curriculum is changed and updated continuously keeping in mind the changes in the global business environment. The PGDM program is autonomously designed with the help of top industry leaders and management practitioners before it is duly approved by AICTE.

8. How can we apply to the program?
A. Through the Online Application Form. Unless the candidate visits the campus directly and prefers to submit an offline form. The offline form is also available at the ABBS Information Centre (Vijayawada).

9. What is the number of seats in the PGDM program?
A. PGDM – 120, PGDM in Finance – 60

10. Can the student change the program after the submission of application form
A. Yes, Student can submit a request letter to the Admission Officer for the change of program, subject to the availability of seat and eligibility requirement of the program, request will be considered.

11. Will there be a separate written test for admission
A. Yes, The ABBS Aptitude test is mandatory for all students pursuing PGDM. Candidates need to have appeared for either CAT, XAT, MAT, KMAT or GMAT as an eligibility criteria.

12. What aspects will be tested in written test
A. Aptitude, Comprehension ability, Oral & written communication

13. Will there be any group discussion
A. Yes, as part of admission process we inculcate GDs on contemporary topics.

14. Personal interview will be face to face or telephonic
A. Any one, but it is recommended to have face to face / skype depending on the individual requirement.

15. What is the mode of fee payment
A. Payments are done through online payments. Paytm is also an available platform for ABBS.

16. Is there any hostel facility for the boys and girls separately
A. There will be a separate hostel for both boys & girls with single & double occupancies.

17. Can the students stay outside the hostel ?
A. First year is mandatory for all students to stay in the hostel. From the second year, accommodation is based on the availability of the vacancies at hostel.

18. How many specializations are offered in the program?
A. We offer Marketing, Finance, HR & Operations

19. Which specialization is the best?
A. We often get this question a lot. Every specialization is good and has a lot of opportunities to offer. Choice of specialization depends upon the individual’s area of interest, abilities and capabilities. The career growth offered by all the specializations is same, whether it is Marketing, finance, operations or HR.

20. Do the students get Dual specialization?
A. Yes, students can opt for dual specialization on cross functional areas in PGDM.

21. What additional specializations the students get in the PGDM program apart from regular
A. Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management, Sports Management, Behavioural Finance & related subjects

22. Are there any certification courses offered by the college in addition to regular curriculum
A. Advanced Excel, Data Sciences, Six Sigma, MOOC Certification etc. This is customised as per the student requirement

23. How many guest lectures can the students expect in a week?
A. Minimum two guest lectures on average.

24. Do students get visiting faculty from Abroad?
A. Yes, the faculty who visit come from the universities such as Sunway University, Canadian University, Rennes School of Business, Binghamton University etc.

25. Do the students get visiting faculty from industries?
A. Yes, from all functional areas from different Industry sectors like IT, Pharma, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Banking, Start-up founders etc.

26. How many industrial visits can the students expect in a month?
A. Minimum two on average.

27. What is the examination pattern for internal exams?
A. Continuous assessment through test, quiz, role play, etc.

28. What is the examination pattern for external exams?
A. Semester system. Each semester divided into two blocks (quarters)

29. When can the students expect results?
A. Within 15 days from the end of their examinations

30. What will be duration of the internship program and when?
A. 4 months, in the final semester.

31. Are there any chances for going abroad for internships?
A. Yes, they are allowed to undergo internship abroad based on meeting certain predetermined rules & academic requirement set by the institution.

32. What is the Global Immersion program?
A. Students visit foreign universities in countries like Malaysia, France, Dubai, Singapore to name a few for a different learning experience that is immersive in industry visits, strategy games, simulation, assignments etc. This helps students understand management education in the global perspectives.

33. From where do the students get the global immersion certificate?
A. From the concerned foreign universities

34. What is the Overall rate of placements?
A. Students who opt for placements through the placement department have a 100% placements track in various industries like IT, Marketing, HR, Operations etc.

35. Which sectors can we expect the placements in?
A. FMCD, FMCG, Logistics, CRM, Real Estate, Banking, Insurance, Financial Sectors etc.

36. What will be average package that a student can get if gets admission into your college?
A. ABBS has a consistent track record of placements. An average package of 4.5 lakhs p.a , a student will get as per the current employment scenario, provided students are required to meet all requirements of academics and pre placement activities.

37. Are the students eligible to do Ph.D. after completing the PGDM program?
A. Yes, top B-Schools including IIMs consider the PGDM as a joining requirement.

38. Name a few leading companies where the students have been placed.
A. Amazon, Flipkart, Brigade Group, Kotak, 99 Acres, Infosys,, Tata Capital, ICICI etc.

39. What is BIFAS Program?
A. BIFAS program commonly known as PGDM in Finance, focuses mainly on Finance, Insurance and its allied areas. The job opportunities for a PGDM Finance graduate is very good. Some of the jobs available in the market are: Financial Advisory Services, Wealth management, Private Banking, Fund management, Portfolio management etc.

40. What is the unique take-away from the PGDM Program?
A. The PGDM is a unique program which has the flexibility to bridge the curriculum with the industry requirements. The focus of the program is skill-based learning, In demand certifications, and Strong Industry connect for internships and placements.

41. Is there a strong alumni existing for institute?
A. Yes, we have alumni across the country who are in constant alliance with the PGDM department. Alumni visit the campus on a regular basis for guest lectures and industry feedback.

42. What additional infrastructure facilities provided for the students
A. Investment Lab, Library, Language Lab, Business Lab, Seminar hall, Gym, sports ground, transportation, separate hostel for boys & girls, canteen etc.

43. Is scholarship available for the students?
A. Yes, scholarships are provided for prospective students. Kindly refer the scholarships section in the Admissions tab for more details.

44. Do we have dress code for the students?
A. Yes, uniforms with tie and blazers

45. Can we do the PGDM program on part time basis?
A. No, our PGDM program is affiliated to AICTE, New Delhi and it is a two year full time program.

46. What Pre Placement Training does ABBS School of Management provide?
A. ABBS provides hands on training soft skills, Aptitude, GD, mock interviews, stress interviews etc.

Dates & Deadlines

ABBS looks for candidates of good caliber coupled with willingness to learn and have multidimensional abilities which enable the aspirants to shape the interest and knowledge of the field through the spirit of enquiry, creativity, participation and innovation. ABBS enables every deserved applicant for a 360-degree education fostering you to greater heights and equip for an exciting and challenging future.

ABBS welcomes all eligible applicants regardless of religion, gender or financial status with an aim to build an exciting, dynamic and diverse student community. All qualified applicants will be invited through formal Interview call letter for the selection process.

Campus Admission Process
Sl. No. Selection process at campus Last date for application form Reporting time Result announcement Deadline for the reservation of the seat
1 23.03.2019 21.03.2019 10.00 A.M 25.03.2019 27.03.2019

Outstation Admission Process

ABBS outstation Selection Process Schedules are as follows: -

All eligible candidates are required to submit the application form on or before the deadlines and confirm your interview call letter from ABBS Office of Admissions. For any further clarification Please contact

ABBS Office of Admissions
Contact Number: 080- 23245520/21, 9141707070
Mobile Number: 9663367317

1 PATNA Study India Office 15.03.2019 10.00 A.M
2 KOLKATA ROTARY SADDAN,94/2, Chowringhee Rd, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020 16.03.2019 10.00 A.M

NOTE: Result announcement date for the outstation selection process will be communicated to the candidates at the respective venue.