Centre for MDP & Consultancy Services

SSS Trust established in the year 2001 under the Chairman/Chief Trustee Dr. Vijaypal Reddy with a noble cause of maximizing the economic growth, social transformation of the society by offering affordable, inclusive and holistic education to the deserving young and talented population. This Trust is running many Educational Institutions including the following two Management institutes for more than a decade.

ABBS School of Management offers two year AICTE approved PGDM programme.

We strongly believe in the Industry-Institute-Interface (III) as a major driver to be leveraged and synchronized for Designing and Delivering contemporary and corporate need based management education. This goal can be achieved through collaborative engagement with the Industry with mutual participation in the academic and industry related assignments.

We are inviting and involving corporate professionals to be member of Board of Studies, Governing Board, delivering expert lectures, Mentors, panel members in seminar, workshops, conferences etc.

Acharya Bangalore B-School and ABBS School of Management jointly undertake to extend consultancy services to the Industry by utilizing the services of highly academically qualified and professionally proven industry experienced Faculty. we plan to assist the Industry by conducting Study/Research/Consultancy In the Area Of Market Research, Branding & Advertisement, Talent Acquisition, Development & Attrition Control, Costing & Management Audit, New Product Launch, MIS Streamlining, Supply Chain, TQM and overall Business Effectiveness.

We will undertake consultancy based on proven models, conceptual frameworks, best practices, tools & statistical and analytical techniques to impact productivity, total quality, scaling up efficiency and effectiveness and assured customer and consumer delight, value creation and thereby achieving projected budgeted profit and growth. This exercise will be done in tandem with the corporate Executives to ensure outcome to all the stakeholders. We are endeavoring to maximize the knowledge; skills and approaches of corporate professionals by conducting well-designed need based and customized MDP (Management Development programmes)


The differentiating and the unique source of competitive advantage of any industry are the talent, competencies and capabilities at all functional, behavioral, managerial and leadership levels. This is the key factor of sustaining the growth of any industry. Therefore there is a constant need to undertake training and developing interventions to the existing talent to meet the challenges confronting the business, avail the enormous global business opportunities, and enhance the human potential in functional, managerial and leadership roles. This center designs and delivers MDPs in the following modes:

✓ Open ended Programmes
✓ Customized Programmes
✓ Certified Programmes
✓ Collaborative Programmes

The MDP plans to cover some popular domains and cater to the needs of different target group of participants besides Corporate Executives.

✓ The envisaged domains include:
✓ Functional and technical competency
✓ Behavioral competencies
✓ Talent Management & High Performance Organization
✓ Advanced and condensed General management programmes
✓ Technology, operation and value chain Management
✓ Leadership, Strategy & innovation
✓ Individual & Team Effectiveness
✓ Strategizing & Leading the business/operation
✓ Assurance of Learning of students
✓ Awareness programme on I cloud, Analytics, Big Data, Investing in share markets
✓ Fund Mobilization through VC for startup business
Note: We also offer customized programmes in collaboration with the corporation.

Entrepreneurial cell

Students would be sensitized to entrepreneurial activities and can undertake many entrepreneurial assignments in the campus.
This cell is being headed by a Designated Faculty under the Entrepreneurial cell that consists of Director, Invited Entrepreneur, and corporate professionals Faculty and students. We also approach the Government bodies and Agencies like NEN, Enterprises organization,-Young Entrepreneur council, Association of Private Enterprises Education to help us in conduction the activities in this cell

We conduct regularly
1. Entrepreneurial Guest lecturers regularly
2. Engage with the Bodies Like NASCOM, NEN in conducting workshops /seminars and awarding certificates to students who have completed
3. Arranging visits to see the business enterprises and facilitating students to discuss with Entrepreneurs
4. Allowing students to organize small business stalls in the campus on many occasions.
5. Counseling and mentoring the serious students in preparing business plans and helping them in exploring and mobilizing funds through various sources.

Value Added certificate courses

We believe in not only imparting contemporary Management core and specialized Education but also equip students with the Industry specific value added certificate courses .These courses are not generally mandatory course but each students is required minimum two such certificate course to meet the needs of corporate requirements We are currently offering the following value added courses and will keep modifying based on the merging business and enterprises requirement.

1. Advanced Excel
2. Business analytics with subject specialization
3. Digital Marketing
4. Digital banking
5. CFP
6. Labor & industrial Law
7. Supply chain
8. E commerce


Each student will be mentored by a designated faculty to help them in progressing not only in the Academic & Professional advancement but also coping with personal issues.

The corporate mentors will also address the students once in a month regularly to guide them about corporate requirements and the steps to be taken to align their academic and professional advancements.

The Director of the program himself keeps regular contact with the students and mentoring in all the above aspects and further in research projects and internships.

Guest Lectures

We believe in organizing number of guest lectures from the corporate sectors to embellish the academic conceptual frame work taught by the academically qualified professors.

The students go through on an average at least 2 guest lecturers per month.

The following are the list of few Guest Lectures taken place in the recent past: Date Name of the guest Organization Topic
1 09.04.2019 Prof (Dr). Doreswamy.A.G Dr.Doraeswamy holds a Doctorate and is a BE in Mechanical Engineering from JBIMS University, Mumbai. B2B (Business to Business) Marketing- An International Perspective
1 09.03.2019 Prof(Dr.) Frank Ashe Non Executive Director, Independent consultant, Honorary Professor, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia Data Science & Data Analytics for Risk Governance
19 07.02.2019 Mr. CMA Ravindranath Kaushik Chairman, ICAI, Bangalore Chapter Target Costing
3 09.01.2019 Mr. Sanjay Sahay IPS - ADG - Police Computer Wing Cyber Security
4 09.01.2019 Mr. Victor Prasad Binghamton University, New York Conflict Prevention
5 09.01.2019 Prof. Norio Okkada Kyoto University, Japan Disaster Management
6 15.12.2018 Mr. Joseph Cherian COO of New supply, Swiggy Future of Retail Business
7 03.12.2018 Prof. Ahindra Chakraborty Director, PGDM Program, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon Global Finance
8 30.11.2018 Mr. Meher Lanka PMP Trained, Group Head Quality, Wipro Cloud & Infrastructure services Project Management
9 23.11.2018 Prof. Chandrashekar Professor & Consultant, Business Analytics Business Analytics
10 22.09.2018 Mr. Kodandaram Retd. IRS, Assistant Director of Customs & Central Excise GST & its impact on Business
11 31.08.2018 Mr. S. Prasad Rao HR & NLP Corporate Trainer Training program on NLP & its applications
12 25.08.2018 Mr. Aravind Warrier HR Head, Nova Nordisk Startegic Management
13 14.08.2018 Mr. Santhosh Rao Toyota , GM - HR & Admin Trust & Building relationships
14 28.07.2018 Mr. Shekhar G N GM, HR, Biesse Manufacturing Ltd Corporate Ettiquettes
15 27.07.2018 Ms. Maud Rennes School of Business, France Contemporary Management practices in Global Era
16 26.07.2018 Mr. Pulock Chatterjee VP, BSE Institute Algo Trading
17 26.07.2018 Mr. Edwin Moses Global Vice President - Oracle Motivational Speech
18 23.07.2018 - 25.07.2018 Dr. Gautam Sen Gupta IIM - Ahmedabad Supply Chain Management
19 19.07.2018 Mr. Victor Prasad L - Major Contemporary Management practices in Global Era
20 19.07.2018 Mr. Anand Gowda HR Head, Godrej Modern HR - Issues & Challenges


We are providing for 4 months internships to facilitate students to have an on the job experience and learning of industrial aspects. This is an experiential mode of novel learning and also helps the companies to offer them pre – placement offer based on the performance of the students during this internship period.

The students are also required to prepare a project report based on their learning during the internship period and submit it to the academic committee for the final evaluation.

They have to appear for internship coupled with project Viva-Voce as their internship carries 8 credit weightage.


We undertake this activity of placement of students very seriously. The faculty community teaches them more than 26 courses with dual specialization (Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations) to enable them to get better placement. In addition we also guide and empower students to clear at least two value added industry required two certificate courses.

Considering the importance of effective communication, we conduct continuous soft skill programs and also guide students to actively participate in Toast Masters.

The following are the few companies visited our campus in the recent past: